8oz HAPPY Moon Candle - essential oils, crystals, herbs and flowers carefully picked to elevate your mood, lift your spirits and bring joy!


This handmade 8 oz candle features essential oils, crystals, herbs and flowers that are specifically chosen to boost your mood, lift your spirits, bring joy and alleviate stress, depression and anxiety.
Created using a combination of:
Essential Oils: orange, lemon, gardenia and apple
Crystals: amethyst, rose quartz, clear quartz
Flowers/Herbs: roses, lavender, gomphrena

Rose Moon Co. candles are hand made with love and intention. Creating these whimsical candle-scapes is my passion, infusing each one with high vibrational energy through the use of crystals, healing intentions, herbs, flowers, essentials oils. Lastly, my candles are given a sound bath with healing frequencies before they are carefully shipped to you.

Rose Moon Co. candles are created by Jennifer Kearns, a certified sound therapist based in Chattanooga, TN. Find out more at www.thetatherapy.us.

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