8oz Cleanse & Protect High Frequency Intention Meditation Candle


This handmade 8 oz candle cleanses with with sage, lavender, rosemary and quartz. Obsidian/black tourmaline/hematite offer protection. Use this candle to cleanse and protect your home, your energy, your life!

Rose Moon Co. candles are hand made with love and intention. Creating these whimsical candle-scapes is my passion, infusing each one with high vibrational energy through the use of crystals, healing intentions, herbs, flowers, essentials oils. Lastly, my candles are given a sound bath with healing frequencies before they are carefully shipped to you.

Rose Moon Co. candles are created by Jennifer Kearns, a certified sound therapist based in Chattanooga, TN. Find out more at www.thetatherapy.us.

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So beautiful and well made. The love and attention to detail that went into the creation of this piece is evident, it’s is most certainly a work of art. The smell is lovely and the crystals are absolutely gorgeous.

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